The 10/40 Window

The 10/40 Window refers to countries located between 10° and 40° north of the equator. This area is considered the most unevangelized region in the world. Only 8% of missionary workers minister in this area, and only $5 of every $10,000 for missionary work are spent there. These cultures and their governments are often very antagonistic to Christianity.

Though American missionaries are not permitted to emigrate to many of these countries, there are national pastors who are faithfully serving Christ and seeking to build His Church in these hostile environments. There is little opportunity for seminary-level training for these men and women. However, there are some programs which have been and are being developed by seminaries in the USA whereby these Christian leaders can attend short-term modular Bible courses in their own countries.

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Ted and Marla

Ted and Marla both grew up in South Carolina, and they were both raised in Christian homes. Ted spent the first two decades of his life in coastal Charleston. As a college student he decided to experience the things of the world, but he found them to be vain in bringing true happiness and purpose to life. Ted gave his heart and life to Christ in 1973. Shortly after he earned a BS in biology at the College of Charleston, Ted enrolled at Bob Jones University where he earned a BS in secondary education followed by an MA in Bible. It was during those university years that Ted and Marla met.

Marla was raised in Greenville where her parents worked at BJU. She graduated from Bob Jones Academy and the University. Having been saved at a very young age, Marla had the desire from her childhood to serve the Lord full-time. When Marla was 10 years old, her father became the pastor of Hampton Park Baptist Church in Greenville.

Ted and Marla were married in 1979. Believing the Lord would have them teach God’s Word in West Africa, the couple became missionaries to Togo in 1987 and served there for the next eleven years. They returned to Greenville to settle and transition their three sons intending to return to Togo someday. Ted became an assistant pastor at Hampton Park Baptist Church during those intervening years. However, rather than return to Togo, the Lord led Ted into the ministry of modular teaching in 10/40 countries. Ted and Marla joined EMU International in 2008.


Tim and Lynnette

Tim was born in a small town in southeastern Ohio. While his dad was fighting in Europe during WWII, his mom made a profession of faith in Christ. His dad didn’t come to Christ for another 20+ years. Tim attended a small country church, where he was first exposed to the Gospel at an early age, but a family tragedy when Tim was 10 years old caused him to turn from the things of the Lord for several years. In 1975 he was invited to The Wilds Christian Camp where he made a profession of faith. A couple of years after that, he realized he had only adopted a Christin lifestyle without truly placing his faith in Christ. In June of 1977 he truly repented and put his full confidence in Jesus and His redemptive work on his behalf.

Lynnette grew up in a loving Christian home on the campus of Bob Jones University where both of her parents worked. She had many opportunities to hear the truth of God’s Word and to see its truth lived out through the lives of her campus family. She personally accepted Christ when she was eight years old following a camp service at the Bill Rice Ranch.

Tim and Lynnette met at Bob Jones University. Tim majored in Bible and secondary education, and he earned an MA in NT Theology. They were married in 1984. One of the things that attracted Lynnette to Tim was that he was amazed and excited about the work of Christ in his life. Within the first year of their marriage, God, in His sovereignty, allowed a severe liver disease to disrupt their plans and dreams. Although the Lord used a successful liver transplant to save Lynnette’s life, the consequences of her disease have affected them throughout their marriage. In 1997, Tim was diagnosed with a congenital spinal problem. But God’s grace has taken their circumstances and used them for their benefit and His glory.

For nine years, Tim and Lynnette worked at Bob Jones University – Lynnette in the elementary school and the Press, and Tim in the Junior High. Since leaving BJ, Tim has worked secular jobs, but he has availed himself of opportunities to teach and do short-term missions. They are excited, and a little nervous, as they begin their new adventure of full-time travel to do theological teaching. They are trusting Him to continue opening the doors to their new ministry.

Tim and Lynnette have two adult children: Dustan and Alana.