Camp Emmanuel

In 1976 the mission bought property outside of Montevideo and built a camp facility – Camp Emmanuel. Camps for children, teens, and families are held each summer with speakers often coming from the USA. During the rest of the year our various churches use the camp for retreats or as a conference ground. EMU also sponsors several camping programs in other regions of the country.

How You Can Get Involved

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Donations to the Camp Sponsorship Fund are used to either supplement or “pay-in-full” the camper fees for needy children and teens to attend Camp Emmanuel. Over the years hundreds of young people, many who had never been to a Christian camp before, have been able to experience a week of camp and hear the Gospel message for the first time. This Fund also helps pay the camp’s expenses for the counselors, maintenance staff, and kitchen personnel, who are unpaid for their services. For $95, you can sponsor a child, teen, young person, or worker so that they will be able to attend a week of camp. Would you consider sponsoring one or more campers for this camp season? Click here to go to our donation page.


Listed below are the projects to be accomplished at Camp Emmanuel for the Fall Work Trip. Because of travel restrictions, Rick Jensen will not be taking a team to Uruguay this year. However, there is still a list of projects that need to be accomplished. Henry Castro will be working with Pedro Donzé, the camp director, to accomplish these projects, along with volunteers from several of our Uruguay churches. The projects are:

  • Replace the kitchen ceiling and exhaust fans (required by the government) – $2,041 
  • New sidewalks around the perimeters of the cabins – $8,209
  • Repair the girls’ cabin floors – $3,840
  • Gutters for the chapel – $1,220
  • Security Cameras – $6,760
  • Fencing around the water tanks – $910
  • Fencing for the front of the camp – $2,956
  • Maintenance of the children’s play area – $975

Total: $26,911

In addition to the above projects, we also have a list of projects that do not require our time, only money. 

  • Repair of the dining room fireplace – $2,266
  • Remodeling the back porch, barbecue area – $12,054
  • Tables and benches for the camp site (ten total) – $2,680 

 Click here to go to our Camp Emmanuel donations page.

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