Camp Emmanuel

In 1976 the mission bought property outside of Montevideo and built a camp facility – Camp Emmanuel. Camps for children, teens, and families are held each summer with speakers often coming from the USA. During the rest of the year our various churches use the camp for retreats or as a conference ground. EMU also sponsors several camping programs in other regions of the country.

How You Can Get Involved

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Work Team Volunteer

Every October, Rick Jensen leads a team of volunteers to Uruguay to assist the Camp and Mission staff in improving the buildings and grounds. As the camp has grown and new buildings have been added, there is a continuing need for workers to assist in maintenance and ministry development. If you are interested in more information on participating in one of these work teams, please contact our office.






Camp Sponsor Program

Donations to the Camp Sponsorship Fund are used to either supplement or “pay-in-full” the camper fees for needy children and teens to attend Camp Emmanuel. Over the years hundreds of young people, many who had never been to a Christian camp before, have been able to experience a week of camp and hear the Gospel message for the first time. This Fund also helps pay the camp’s expenses for the counselors, maintenance staff, and kitchen personal, who are unpaid for their services. For $85, you can sponsor a child, teen, young person, or worker so that they will be able to attend a week of camp. Would you consider sponsoring one or more campers for this camp season? Click here to go to our donation page.

October 2019 Rick's Work Team

Pedro Donzé, our camp director, has compiled a wish list for projects and their estimated costs.  (For more details including photos, see below)

1) Repair the bathroom partitions ($890)
2) New stainless steel shelves for the kitchen ($6,100)
3) Convert the old water tank into a storage area for games and supplies ($575)
4) Concrete work on the sidewalks for Cabins 1 – 4 ($2,915)
5) Concrete work on the floors in the cabins ($848)
6) Security bars for cabins 7 and 8, and for the Dining Room ($1,860)
7) Painting the security bars ($585)
8) Improvements to the game area including a climbing wall ($2,615)
9) Maintenance of current game structures ($630)
10) Installation of new screen and projector in the chapel ($830)
11) Installation of air conditioning in Dining Room and Chapel ($5,845)

Total: $23,693 

He also would love to see us tackle two big projects.

1) Two new cabins constructed from shipping containers ($23,915)
2) Remodeling the barbecue area ($7,860)

Total: $31,775

When playing the video below, be sure to click the speaker

in the lower right in order to hear the sound.

2019 Rick’s Work Team


Repair the Bathroom Partitions

Corrosion from the damp bathroom environment and the salty air of the camp’s location is requiring more extensive repair of these dividers. We would like to replace them if the money is available.

New Stainless Steel Shelves for the Kitchen

The current  wooden shelves were installed in 1988 and are badly in need of replacing due to what the Uruguayans call termites, but we would call a wood boring beetle. The government requirement is that we replace them with industrial stainless steel. 

Convert the Old Water Tank Into Storage

The old water tank was built over forty years ago and has not been repaired since it was built. We have since installed new water storage containers that supply the camp. The old tank is made of concrete and some of the re-bar is showing. We would like to repair this building in the middle of the camp property and re-purpose it for additional storage.

Concrete Work (Cabins 1-4)

Our Ladies Cabin area is in desperate need of concrete work. As you can see from the photo, the salty air and time have done their work on the concrete outside of our cabins. This is obviously a trip hazard, and needs to be repaired as soon as possible. Inside the cabins, work will also have to be done to seal and repair cracks in the concrete. 

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